Managing Migraine Made Easy

Dr Prashanth Dinesh, President of Everest Healthcare which brought the device to India, says: It is an alternative form of treatment for migraines but not a magic bullet. This device was launched in Bengaluru and Chennai in October and we are planning to expand to other states shortly. Neurologists in both the cities are well aware of this device, and we have also seen several positive patient experiences with this technology.

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Bio e-device to treat migraine patients

Now migraine patients in Chennai and Bengaluru can be free of the pain and the use of drugs with the launch in cities of a cranial neuro-stimulator, called Cefaly. Manufactured by the Belgium-based company, Cefaly Technology, that produces bio-electronic devices, it has a soothing effect on each of the 12 pairs of nerves that arise directly from the brain and pass through separate apertures in the skull that comprise the cranial nerve.

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The Headband that beat Our Migraine

A Mother and Daughter tell Chloe Lambert how a simple device has helped them overcome this crippling condition

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A New Cure to Migraine Patients

Migraine patients of Chennai and Bengaluru are finally relieved of their pain by using the newly launched e-Device Cefaly.

Cefaly Technology from Belgium has come out with a new product that effectively produces a soothing effect directly on the 12 nerves that are responsible for migraine. This treatment is very simple - patients have to place an electrode on their forehead which is connected to Cefaly and relax. They can also adjust the intensity with a button.

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